Rachel – Day 2

6 Feb

The News: So, I’ve been hearing about this Tea Party movement on the radio so I decided to read up on it. Apparently this group, which formed early 2009, is made up primarily of Independents and Republicans that don’t agree with the way either parties are dealing with issues. The Republicans in the Tea Party seem to be so pissed off at their own party that they are wanting to redefine the party themselves by forming a new one. As of now, the Tea Party is leaderless with no voiced intend of gaining one.

Today, Sarah Palin was paid a reported $100,000 to speak at a Tea Party convention in Nashville, TN.  The attendees at this convention paid around $350 – $550 just to hear her speak. Apparently most of those who attended thoroughly enjoyed what Palin had to say and were energized by the time she concluded (www.nytimes.com)

My comments: So, is it just me or can’t we all just learn to get along? If every group of people who viewed things differently than Republicans or Democrats were to form a group, we wouldn’t have room on the ballots for all such parties. If you’re pissed at Washington D.C. and the mistakes that Republicans and Democrats make, then surge your energy and money into making things better, not creating division in an already politically divided nation. I just think this whole Tea Party thing sounds like trouble. It seems to me like an activist group that is fueled by hate and anger can never be good fuel to start a movement (let’s look at history here…..hmmmm…the KKK, Nazis, the Anti-Gay movement and so on and so on).  Now, I do understand a righteous anger and standing up for what is true and moral, but this should never be gone about in a hateful manner right? One of the Tea Party rally signs portrays a swastika sign next to the words “Obama Lies.” I was horrified to learn of this. How dare they take the first black President of the United States and pair his name with a swastika. This is jolting to the “recovery” America has made since the 70’s concerning segregation. Come on people, is this really a good way to start a movement. Things never end well when they start from a place of degrading others.

And as far as Sarah Palin is concerned, okay fine revive the Republican party, but don’t reinforce the formation of a party that could threaten both Republicans and Democrats. And really? $100,000 for a 40 min. speech? Who’s paying you? I hope to God it isn’t us tax payers. And $350-$550 to watch your speech? Ummm…..I can find a million different places where that money could benefit an exponentially large amount of people and for a needed and moral cause nonetheless. However, politics are politics and our nation will forever be feeding our money into the bottomless pit of that animal.

All in all, I hope you see a bit more of the world today and appreciate where you are!


2 Responses to “Rachel – Day 2”

  1. Carisa February 8, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    I love you, and I love you comments, as I’m on the SAME page with you. I love that you Gire kids are doing this blog, so cool. I def will be keeping tabs on it, as I feel like all of you have lots of great things to say! Love you and miss you!

  2. Carisa February 8, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    oh PS- one of my friend wife writes on this blog… http://www.seejaneadvocate.com/
    She write about some of worlds problems and how we as American’s can even do small things to help. Love ya!

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