Gretchen’s Life Day -14

18 Feb

Today, I made Boo Boo Bags for all of the grandmothers and mothers I work with. A Boo Boo Bag is a tote bag filled with everything you need to comfort a hurt child. Kleenex, to wipe the tears away. Fun band aids. Cartoon character cold packs to take the sting out of any boo boos. Boo Boo Beans (jelly beans) that will take any kiddos mind off  their current bumps and scrapes. Every mom or grandmother should have one of these on hand it’s not only very helpful but will create some wonderful memories, too.


One Response to “Gretchen’s Life Day -14”

  1. Dad February 20, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

    What a great idea, Gretchen!

    I could have used a Boo Bag this past month. I had some skin cancer cut off my face. This time it was a larger patch, and it left a three-inch scar. I am going to have a chemical peel next week because I have a lot of pre-cancerous skin on my face that the doctor is concerned about. So, I’ll have to hide from the public like the Elephant Man for about a month.

    Boo hoo!

    Tell the kiddoes hi. I bet they all would like to do a blog together someday. I’ve told several people about what the four of you are doing, and everyone thinks it’s the greatest idea.

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