Rachel – Day 15

19 Feb

The News: Tiger Woods Apologizes. I saw Tiger Woods’ public apology this morning on cbs news. He apologized to his family, his friends, the people he works with, his fellow golfers, the public and the parents of the children who looked up to him. He admitted to all his faults and poor choices and made it a point that certain things would still remain just between he and his wife. He also said he had been in in-patient therapy over the last couple months and intends to return for some more intensive therapy. He said he is now aspiring to live a life of integrity and realizes only time will be the proof. He laid it all out and answered a lot of questions. His parting words depicted his wish for all of those he let down to, in time, open their hearts to believe in him again someday.

My Comments: I applaud Tiger in his speech. He was very very vulnerable in all he said to the public this morning. He approached it with humility and full knowledge that what he had done was wrong. He made the appropriate apologies to all those affected and he seems to have a full grasp on the effects his decisions have had on so many people. He looked truly truly sorry and I believe he really wants to change. There was not a hint of pride or entitlement in him, he was fully vulnerable and owned up to all of his poor decisions. I must say there have been people who have done far less offenses and dealt with them in a far less honorable way than Tiger did. It may be hard to believe after so much unfaithfulness, he is capable of living with integrity and loyalty. However, it’s been my experience with sin, grace and forgiveness that we are all full of crap. We all have dark places, we all have sin that eats at us. It’s actually a gift (wrapped in a pretty f’ed up package) that Tiger/we get exposed because it forces us to look our sin in the face and tell it to go to hell.

I know the world is disappointed, but after hearing his speech today I can say that I’ll be rooting for Tiger in his healing and his marriage. I think he’s capable of making good decisions, especially now that he is dealing with his issues. Hopefully he will live a life that renders his speech today true and meaningful, I think we all are hoping for that.


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