Rachel – Day 17

21 Feb

The News: When It Rains It Pours. As Haiti is faced with the hardships of recovering from the earthquake that shattered the country, they are also now having to deal with growing threats of health problems as a result of the quake. With so many decomposing dead bodies and human waste everywhere, people are at risk of illnesses and diseases caused by being around these germs. Countless people are without homes and have built tent homes developing tent cities where they use the bathroom near their tents. Now that some time has past, this waste is beginning to build and become a health threat. With rains coming and going and not likely letting up anytime soon, this threat is even greater to the Haitian people who are primarily living amongst decomposing bodies and waste. The scramble for clean water has also become a huge problem.

There’s an immediate threat here that needs to be addressed, however Brazilian non-governmental groups are researching to apply this waste to biogas to fuel for electricity and cooking as a way to address the issue more long-term. Below is the link to this article and pictures that portray the struggles the Haitians are facing in all of this aftermath.


My Comments: Wow, these people can’t catch a break can they? With all the aid coming in, you’d hope this issue wouldn’t exist. I’m curious as to how much it would cost to build some public toilets in these “tent cities” to at least alleviate the problem for the time being. I don’t think ditches and port-a-potties will cut it with all the rain they are getting. Dang, it’s hard enough people are dealing with significant losses of friends, family and homes, but now there having to face health threats that are linked to the original disaster itself. This quake is taking all it can get from this country with no signs of mercy. I remember this same threat being a concern when hurricane Katrina hit and I felt the same way as I do now about it. I just want them to have a moment to breathe.

In all of this, I must still voice that I am so grateful for the astronomical amount of foreign aid that has been given to Haiti since this quake. It’s truly amazing and heartwarming to know how much our nation and surrounding nations pull together to help in times like this. Hopefully the aid will keep coming, the threats will be eliminated, and this country will make the right steps to recover well.


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