Rachel – Day 19

23 Feb

The News: I took a road trip today with my  husband and listened to NPR for a long time. One of the stories they covered was about the resurgence of the issue regarding women service on submarines. Historically and as of now, women are not allowed to serve on submarines. The reasoning has been said to be because of space.  Apparently, it is not space efficient to build separate sleeping quarters and bathrooms for women. Now that this subject is up for debate again, according to NPR, they are going to start allowing women to serve on submarines, but it will only happen slowly and in phases. They will start allowing them on the big subs and then work their way into making it possible for them to be allowed on all of them.

My Comments: I wasn’t aware women were not allowed to be on submarines, but I’m glad they are taking steps to make this happen in the foreseeable future. The “space” issue seems like a lazy cope-out to me…..sounds like the big guys didn’t want to spend the money for equal rights. At least they’re coming around now right? Now, if they could just extend this same courtesy to gays, then we may be going somewhere. I can’t say I understand at all why there’s a problem with gays in the military to be honest. Why separate them in a group and give ’em a name to begin with? I’m not a part of a group called the “straights” and so I’m not sure why they’re not just like a girl or a boy instead of a group that is limited because the government wants them to be. Anyways, the point is people are people are people be it, woman, man, gay, straight, alcoholic, disabled, funny, boring, tall, short….etc. I hate labels, they shouldn’t define who we are or limit what we can do. So I say, let the “people” on the submarines and let the “people” serve in the military and let the “people” enjoy the freedoms all “people” in America supposedly enjoy.


One Response to “Rachel – Day 19”

  1. Dad February 28, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    Great comments, Rachel!

    I agree.

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