Stephen: Day 30

23 Feb

This is about what I looked like during a meeting at work today to discuss “sudden and unforeseen” delays in some of the projects I’m working on. Eric thought a picture capturing my understandable frustration was quite appropriate. I would have to agree with him.

This was a mask that I bought in Ghana last month. I actually bought two masks – one that is very polished, simple and distinguished. The other (this one) is pure, uncontrolled hysteria. I’m not really sure what compelled me to buy it, as it’s a little bit on the freaky side, even for my taste. I bought both of them for about $30 (awesome deal).

I made this face again at the gym when one of the trainers asked me to get off one of the workout machines so he could use it for his training session (I only had two sets left, but apparently that was two too many). I’m glad I pay $85/month to go to a gym that kicks me off of their equipment.

On my way home I bought a bottle of Kim Crawford and watched the latest episode of 24. I have to say, Jack and Kim make for pretty good company…

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