Gretchen’s Life Day -22

26 Feb

I had a list of things to do this afternoon. Something came up and nothing got done. My 7 – year old, Logan asked to cuddle. We spent all afternoon cuddled up under the covers watching crime dramas on t.v.I know you must be asking yourself “you let your 7-year old watch CSI”? He is actually my only child who really enjoys the show and can not only follow what is going on but is pretty good at figuring out “who done it”. So, my list did not even get touched today but Logan won’t remember that but he will remember the hours I spent holding him today.

Logan my cuddle buddy


One Response to “Gretchen’s Life Day -22”

  1. Dad February 28, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

    What sweet memories you are giving your kids, Gretchen. Can’t wait to see you both!

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