Rachel – Day 23

27 Feb

The News: 8.8 Earthquake in Chile Today. The 7th largest earthquake ever recorded hit Chile today. The largest in quake was also in Chile in 1960 measuring 9.5 on the Richter scale. Residents are sleeping in the streets for fear of aftershocks (no falling debris when you’re not inside a building). The earthquake posed a huge threat to Hawaii for a tsunami. However, the threat spared Hawaii and is now targeting Japan. 214 people are recorded dead and countless people are homeless and injured. Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet has not yet requested aid from other countries, however Obama declares the U.S. is behind them all the way.

My Comments: I lived in Orange County California for about 7 years and experienced earthquakes frequently. The largest magnitude I was in was a 6.9 (The Northridge Earthquake). I remember being so scared and I literally started yelling at my Dad because I thought he was shaking the house. It was an awful earthquake and knowing the Chile one was that much stronger makes my heart grieve for everyone affected. I pray this is the last earthquake because our world can’t take much more of these tragedies. My prayers are with these people and their country.


One Response to “Rachel – Day 23”

  1. Dad February 28, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    Why is it that dads get blamed for everything?

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