Rachel – Day 24

28 Feb

The News: Updates On Chile’s Disaster. From last night, the death toll in Chile has raised from 214 to 700 with over 2 million people displaced. Although this 8.8 earthquake measured significantly more powerful than Haitie’s 7 point magnitude, the death toll and losses are expected to be far less. After Chile’s 9.5 earthquake in 1960 (the largest quake recorded in history), the government demanded strict codes on buildings in order to protect against another earthquake. These codes probably saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Thankfully, the warnings have been lifted for tsunami possibilities which were a huge concern for Hawaii and Japan.

My Comments: Inevitably Chile will probably not benefit from foreign aid to the degree Haiti has. This will be due in part to the fact that Chile’s damage isn’t near that of Haiti’s, but also because several countries just spent a lot of money aiding Haiti and their resources are going to be more scarce for Chile. I hope they will get the aid they need but I’m not sure that will happen. I feel like even the media coverage for Chile is far less than that of Haiti. I also hope America doesn’t get weary of hearing about these disasters because it’s very real for those who are there dealing with this tragedy day in and day out.

Oh God, rescue these countries, give them hope, give them warmth and meet their needs. Use their neighbors to give them strength.


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