Rachel – Day 25

1 Mar

The News: Video Game To Solve World Problems. Jane McGonigal, an online game developer has developed a new game called, “Urgent Evoke.” This game is a 10-week game with 10 challenges to conquer/solve world problems such as hunger, violence and water shortage amongst others. As you solve the problems and eventually conquer the game, the World Bank Institute awards you with a real-life educational certification of Social Innovator. Also several winners will receive mentorships, internships and scholarships for playing the game.

( http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/03/01/evoke.game.africa.poverty/index.html )

My Comments: I’ve been told that video gaming is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world with no signs of decline anywhere in the future. If this is the case, then people will always be playing video games and spending money on them therefore, I must encourage the release of games that encourage intellect and fighting for social injustice. According to McGonigal, her game called  “World Without Oil” released in 2007, challenged people to find ways to function without oil. Gamers reported that after playing the game, they were much more environmentally conscious and thus, a beneficial lasting impact was made because of the game. Perhaps the gaming industry is now getting a clue of how much power they have over their customers. They can use that power to instill violent tendencies or to help solve world problems. If gaming is inevitably going to continue, then may the games be sharpening it’s players to be better people, more innovative and socially aware of the problems around the world. Even though I think the vast majority of gamers won’t be super excited about socially conscious games, I support McGonigal in her gaming ideas and hope “Urgent Evoke” becomes wildly popular in the gaming world.


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