Gretchen’s Life Day -30

6 Mar

Today, I tried to be a good mom and took Logan an Ellaray to the park. I thought I could catch up on some phone calls while they played. Boy, was I wrong! Anybody ever take an 18 month old to the park? First you have to make sure they are not climbing on anything they could potentially fall off of then you have to keep them away from the “big kids” on the swings as tiny feet come hurling towards their head. I also noticed that Ellaray doesn’t notice anyone over 2 feet tall so I was constantly acting as a buffer between her and the hundreds of older kids and adults that she thought were invisible and could walk through. I said “I’m sorry and excuse me ” about a hundred times. Tomorrow I will just drop Samantha and Logan off at the park and stay home and take a nap with Ellaray.


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