Gretchen’s Life Day -31

7 Mar

“I’M SORRY FOR EVER SCARING THE  LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOU MOM & DAD” those are the words that went running through my head when my 15-year-old daughter called me crying hysterically last night. She had been in a rollover car accident. Jason and I were getting ready for bed when the phone rang. Samantha could hardly breathe she was crying so much, let alone tell me where she was at. Jason could hear her crying over the phone and was dressed and headed to the car before she could get another word out. Ellaray was asleep so we yelled to Logan to stay here and keep an eye on her. Since, we are new to Amarillo we had no one to call to stay with the kids. We arrived on scene to see a Jeep Wagoneer completely totalled. There were a total of 4 kids in the car. Fortunately the worst of the injuries was a broken collar-bone. Samantha who faithfully wears her seat belt was just a little bruised and shaken. Thank you, Jesus that my baby is o.k.  Mom & Dad, I’m sorry I ever put you through that kind of fear and panic. I love you both and thank you for always coming to my rescue, accident after accident.


One Response to “Gretchen’s Life Day -31”

  1. Dad March 8, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    Oh, Gretchen. I’m so, so sorry. I’m sad Samantha had to experience that kind of terror. And that you and Jason did, too.

    When you have children, the world changes. And you become so much more vulnerable to getting hurt.

    I’m glad she was wearing her seatbelt!

    Good mothering!

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