Kelly Day-33

9 Mar

Emery and I planted some flowers today.  For me gardening is art.  It is finally feeling like Spring and I love it!


One Response to “Kelly Day-33”

  1. Dad March 16, 2010 at 6:16 pm #

    I wish for you an endless spring, Kelly. But that is the fantasy world that father’s and mother’s often want their children to live in. They can’t, of course. And it wouldn’t serve them well in the long run if they could. We would like to spare you and your siblings—like you would want to spare Emery—the heat of summer, the losses of fall, and the loneliness of winter. But each season has its own work to do in us. Each has its own things to give. And each has its own things to take away.

    Cherish it all, not for what it is, necessarily, but for what it is doing in you. And let it all nourish you, down to your roots.

    It won’t be spring forever, but it will be spring sooner than you think.

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