Rachel – Day 33

9 Mar

The News: Aimee Mullins’ Speech To Embrace Adveristy. My brother forwarded me a link to this video and article of an inspiring speech by an inspiring woman. Aimee was born without her fibula bones and was told she would never walk and get around via wheelchair. She was able to get prosthetic legs so she could walk. People in her life told her she was strong, and she could overcome. She speaks in this video (http://www.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/03/09/mullins.beyond.disability/index.html?hpt=C2) about the most powerful thing we have as humans is that we are adaptable and with the an empowered spirit, we can go far. She goes on to say that a crushed spirit is the true disability and that something like prosthetic legs are a natural struggle, not a disability. She says it’s necessary to accept, wrestle with, dance with and embrace your adversities (natural struggles) and not get inhibited by them. She proclaims her struggles with her adversities have pushed her to do far more than she would ever have thought without her being so adaptable and empowered. Aimee is a model, actress and record-setting athlete who has accomplished more than anyone would dream.

She goes on to say what you tell your children (or anyone for that matter) could make their natural struggles either a disability, through the crushing of their spirit, or it could be a key to open up empowerment and wild success for someone. Aimee describes a study where “A” students were told they were making “D”‘s and “D” students were told they were making “A”‘s. The teachers were fooled to believe those students were what they were labeled as. So, the teachers went on to teach and interact with the students as if they were “A” and “D” students when they were actually flipped. After 3 months, the group of students who were “D” students but told they were “A” students, actually did start performing at “A” level and unfortunately, the reverse was true for the other group.

My Comments: Doesn’t this just go to show how powerful our words can be in someone else’s life? It’s a little scary thinking as a parent (those of you who are) how you could disable your children through the words you speak over them. I’m a full believer that you need encouragement and someone telling you to they believe in you in order to perform at your best. I implore you all to consider strongly what you say to others and go out of your way to inspire and push people to bring them places they may never have reached without your words.


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