Rachel – Day 34

10 Mar

The News: Woman Gives Surprise Birth In Her Own Bathroom. A 32 year old woman named, Kelly Bottom did not know she was carrying a baby for 9 months until she was doing her normal daily duties at home and realized she had to use the restroom, but soon found she needed a little more than just the toilet. She felt the urge to push and on the second push, she birthed a baby boy much to her surprise. She cut the umbilical cord with some household scissors, cleaned out the babies mouth and then realized she had to pick up her firstborn at school. So, she then proceeded to clean herself off and drove herself and her newborn to pick up her son.  When the father heard of the news, he thought she had just found out she was pregnant, but soon realized that it was actually a discovery of his son’s birth.  Kelly said she was still menstruating during the whole pregnancy and was on birth control because she had no clue. She had lost about 40 lbs last year and assumed the weight gain was due to her not being able to keep off the weight. The baby is perfectly healthy.


My Comments: Alright, so I guess this really happens huh? I’m so perplexed as to how someone could go on for 9 months with all the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and still be completely clueless. This had to have been a near painless process for her to not notice she was with-child right? Or perhaps she has an incredibly high pain tolerance and attributed the pain to other possible things. I gotta say I’m impressed she was able to birth a baby all by herself in her own bathroom. It takes me back to Africa where women do this often with no pain meds, no help….nada. Mind blowing.


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