Gretchen’s Life Day -35

11 Mar

I braved 3 blizzards on my way to Colorado for my custody trial. An 1 1/2 from my mom’s house my car dies on the side of the road. It’s dark, late, and snowing. I have no battery juice left so the car is dark and it’s freezing (I have Logan & Ellaray with me). We bundled up and tried to keep warm. Thank you, Jesus for my in-laws that raced down to rescue us. I awoke the next morning for trial having slept for a whopping 3 hours, I hadn’t eaten in 36 (nerves). Things didn’t go perfect but they went well. I had the majority of my family in the courtroom with me. The trial did not happen but we did spend a good portion of the day in negotiations with the judge and our lawyers. When all was said and done Caleb will be in Texas with me for the entire school year next year, at home with his siblings. The only draw back was that the case goes up for review July of 2011. I am going to try very hard to get Caleb plugged in to Amarillo so that he feels comfortable  and that he has connections there. Thank you, Jesus for loving us us, protecting us and keeping my babies together. You are truly a great and awesome God.


One Response to “Gretchen’s Life Day -35”

  1. Dad March 16, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    What a brave person you are!

    And to have such tenderness with all that strength is truly a rare combination.

    No wonder Jason loves you so much!

    No wonder your kids love you so much!

    No wonder your parents and siblings love you so much!

    And no wonder that God loves you so much, too!

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