Rachel – Day 40

16 Mar

The News: Babie’s Predisposition To Dance. A study performed by the University of York in England found that babies had a predisposition to dance in response to beats and rhythms. In the study, parents were holding their babies on their laps while the child listened to music (of which the adults could not hear). The adults were instructed not to move or make the baby move. The results showed the babies moving their torsos, heads, feet, arms and legs to the beat of the music. They were far more responsive to beats than they were to speech. They also found the better the baby was able to synchronize their movements to the beat, the more often they would smile.  It still remains to be concluded why humans have evolved this predisposition to music but the research is interesting and could lead to further discoveries in other areas as well.


My Comments: Definitely not surprised about this at all. Anyone who has interacted with babies has to know they react to music in this way. I found it interesting the babies were more responsive to music than to speech but I suppose that’s often true of adults as well huh? Everyone loves to move their body to a beat, even if they claim they can’t dance, if a beat is moving them on the inside, it will manifest itself in movement even if it’s just the tapping of feet. If we are born to respond to music, then we should embrace it all throughout childhood and adulthood, at least I think we should. Have you ever really let loose dancing before? It’s the most liberating, satisfying feeling and you have a sense of connection with something outside of yourself. You get connected to the beat and feel a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s really spiritual actually if you’re able to really put yourself fully into it. I encourage you….no I challenge you to really feel a beat and let yourself fully respond to it sometime in the near future. I promise you won’t regret it 🙂


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