Rachel – Day 43

19 Mar

The News: Deep Conversations = Happiness. A Psychologists from the University of Arizona, Matthias Mehl, researched the correlation between deep conversations and a person’s overall happiness. Dr. Mehl found that people who regularly engaged in deep conversations, e.g. the meaning of life or world issues, were happier people. Some might think deep pondering would bring more knowledge and thus more sadness about the state of the world or people themselves, but apparently ignorance is not bliss for overall happiness.

Dr. Mehl concluded two major factors contribute to this: one,” humans are driven to find and create meaning in their lives” and two, we are social beings and need human connection and depth.


My Comments: This is encouraging isn’t it? It makes loads of sense if you think about it. Don’t you feel more fulfilled from your day when you’ve connected with someone on a level deeper than what you had for lunch or how the weather was that day? Think of all the silly communication that happens on facebook and twitter, is this fulfilling? Are people wasting their time saying senseless and menial things on social networks? Well, research would say, “yes” and I happen to agree. So, I challenge you to engage fully with your conversations today and make a habit of it. Ask the hard questions, bring up the hot issues of the world and find a way to connect with the people you do life with in a deeper way, you’ll be much happier if you do 🙂


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