Rachel – Day 46

22 Mar

The News: Uganda, Kenya and Malawi on An Anti-Gay Wave. For whatever reason, countries in Africa have been going through an uproar about gays in their communities. In Uganda, homosexuality is talked about being punishable by death. There have been beatings and riots in parts of Uganda voicing their outrage.

(Colorado Public Radio)

My Comments: Not really sure why the African countries are fussing about his now, especially since the a large number of them now know that homosexuality is not the sole (nor the primary) cause of spreading AIDS. Unfortunately, as far behind as they are on their economies and development, their social issues seem to be lacking to the same degree. Hopefully once this “wave of emotion” passes, they will begin to see things with more of an open mind and not persecute people for their sexual orientation. I just pray Africa will experience freedom sooner than later on so many things. Ugh…..feels overwhelming to think about right now. I’ll continue to pray.


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