Gretchen’s Life Day – 49

26 Mar

I struggle daily with being a good mom. I want to be June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) but sometimes I think I border between Roseanne and Debra (Everybody loves Raymond). I envy the moms who are room mothers and spend hours upon hours working on their kid’s school projects. I just can’t balance all the balls I have in the air. It seems like something always is falling through the cracks. Like when I’m cuddling with Logan and notice his nails are longer than my fake ones or that I somehow managed to have the talk about where babies come from with my younger son but not my older one. Woops, that was an awkward one to explain to Caleb why your little brother knows more about babies then he does. The thing with kids is that they love you no matter what. They are excited with anytime that you spend with them. It isn’t until they are older and in therapy to you fully realize where your short comings as a mother were. I am hoping and praying daily that each day I can do better than the one before and not totally screw up my kids.


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