Rachel – Day 51

27 Mar

The News: Suicides In The Military Rising. The highest suicide rates in the military are from the Army. Soldiers have few options for therapy while deployed, they can either talk to a friend or to the military chaplain. Psychiatrists are not as prevalent as they should be. However, it is good news that seeking out help is no longer looked down upon or seen as a weakness in the soldier and furthermore, seeing a psychiatrists will not necessarily prevent a soldier from gaining security clearance.

Classes are required for soldiers to take in preparing for situations that could lead them down a mind path of suicide. They are encouraged to talk about their feelings and emotions as often as possible and process any thoughts of suicide right away.


My Comments: Put some psychiatrists over there with those soldiers for crying out loud. Aren’t we losing enough of our soldiers without the suicides? This breaks my heart. The really sad and hard part is that people who are thinking of suicide have a difficult time mustering up the guts to talk about it at all. I would imagine that soldiers, being the tough people they are, would have an especially difficult time being open with their emotions on a continual basis. It’s contradictory to what is portrayed of soldiers and how they’re supposed to act (stuffing emotions and always being tough). I’m hoping that in time, with the right training and freedom, our soldiers will have all that is needed to overcome these statistics and focus on being a survivor.


One Response to “Rachel – Day 51”

  1. Dad March 27, 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    I saw a short piece on this on the news this past week. They give these soldiers medications but without counseling. The medications numb your reflexes sometimes, make you tired sometimes, even suicidal. It’s pretty scary for the man out on the front lines to have state-of-the-art guns and body armor, and yet to be so vulnerable in this area with so little support.

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