Rachel – Day 52

28 Mar

The News: An Outlaw Kid Gains Fame and Followers. Colton Harris-Moore has been running from the cops for over a year now. He has been charged with countless offenses including the theft of 3 airplanes (of which he learned how to fly via books he ordered online), a couple of boats and a car. He is making money by doing computer work during the night and disguises himself during the day. He has gained over 20,000 fans on facebook and is gaining media coverage daily.  As our modern day Jesse James, he has been named “The Barefoot Burglar.”  In 2008, when he was still a juvenile, he escaped from a group house and has yet to be caught since that time. His last burglary was February of this year. There have been T-shirts made with his name and face on them and his fans seem to admire his outlaw status as well as his ability to keep himself away from the police. There is talk of a movie developing after all is said and done.

(Good Morning America)

My Comments: I kinda hesitated to blog about this guy because I’m only adding to the attention he’s getting, but I’m guilty of being very intrigued by this guy and the coverage about what he’s been doing. It’s pretty amazing that he’s been committing crimes of theft for several years now and has been able to escape the law only to continue in criminal activities as he does so. I certainly do not approve or admire anything Colton has done, but I am a bit impressed that he was able to escape juvenile custody, avoid being caught for several years and continue to commit crimes, all the while keeping the police stumped on his whereabouts. It’s not to be commended, but it is quite rare and remarkable if you simply look at what he’s been able to do (whether right or wrong).  I think the public and the media are following him and yes, turning him into a “hero” because his crimes are not “heinous” in most people’s definition of the word. He has essentially brought no physical harm to himself or anyone else, thus in the public’s eyes, he is gaining popularity. I definitely think if he was a serial killer, then people would be disgusted with him and hating him along the way, but since he’s keeping his crimes to property, he is depicted as a genius for all he’s been able to get away with.


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