Rachel – Day 53

29 Mar

The News: Massacres In The Congo. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), prevalent in Sudan and Uganda in the 80’s and 90’s have been raiding the Congo, The Central African Republic and still parts of Sudan. The LRA raids villages for food, kills the men and women and captures the little boys to force them to be soldiers. The U.S. is providing the Uganda army with millions of dollars worth of aid to help them fight the LRA. These attacks are still going on and the LRA is still on the move.


My Comments: I’m sure most of you have known about the LRA for many years now, but I’m not sure you all know the LRA is still acting out in their violent killings and kidnappings. The leader of this group, Joseph Kony has gained such a following that he now has several groups in different places attacking villages. After having lived in Uganda for several months, I heard the locals talk a little bit about Kony and the Ugandan government. They said Museveni (President of Uganda), hesitates to capture Kony because Uganda is getting so much foreign aid (mainly the U.S.) in order to fight against the LRA. In fact, there have been several alleged peace treaties that were supposed to be signed but never actually happened. The Ugandans I spoke with also said Museveni’s Ugandan army has had several opportunities to capture Kony but has let them pass because of the aid his country is receiving.

If you are anything like me, you’re probably thinking Oh shit! If the Ugandan President cares more about money than he does the people of his country, then this war will never end. I’m hoping the Ugandans I spoke with were merely talking heresy because that’s just outright depressing if not. However, it’s not all too surprising after having lived their and figured out most Ugandan’s care about money more than they do their own neighbors (i know that sounds harsh, however, they do have a lot of wonderful and american-surpassing qualities much to be admired).

So, it’s a bit of a catch 22, the more U.S. aid = less desire to capture Koney and less U.S. aid = unlikely chance at catching Kony? Unfortunately, we probably can’t count on a new President getting us anywhere because Museveni has been in office somewhere around 25 years even though the President’s term in office is only supposed to last 5 years. He has overthrown and rigged the voting to keep himself in power and there’s no reason why he won’t do the same for the next however many years. I feel the only solution is to pray the U.S. aid will go far enough to motivate the Ugandan Army to capture Kony regardless of what Museveni wants (whether he’s voiced it or not). Or, perhaps there will be a brave and strong villager that will outsmart the man and put an end to all this violence. Whatever happens, I pray it happens quickly because it has been too long a war and too many people have died because of the acts of this one man.

For more information on this, visit the above link from the New York Times and the below link for Invisible Children, a non-profit that has been raising awareness and fighting for and end to Kony since 2003.



One Response to “Rachel – Day 53”

  1. Peter March 30, 2010 at 7:06 am #

    For an in-depth look at Joseph Kony and the LRA, see the book, First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army.

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