Rachel – Day 54

30 Mar

The News: Digital Books. According to an article in the New York Times, authors and publishers are getting a little nervous about the technological advances in the book reading realm. Digital books or “e-books” could be taking over the world of reading and thus causing an adverse effect on authors and publishers because the idea of a book cover has been lost. Book covers are what initially attract a reader to pick up a book in the first place. You see an interesting book that someone is reading on the subway and you remember it only because of it’s cover. However, if the reading realm turns to primarily e-books, then the power of a book cover has been depleted completely.


My Comments: Tear and then another tear. This makes me sad, please if you’re reading this, don’t give into the e-book phase.  Isn’t 50% of the enjoyment of a book the texture and smell of the pages, the beauty of the cover, the satisfying sensation of turn of each page? Aren’t you a little proud of your book’s cover when you’re in public places (especially those really great books like “Same Kind of Different As Me,”  “Traveling Mercies” or any C.S. Lewis novel)?  Don’t you love assessing your progress by where you’re bookmark is each day? You can’t do away with the book reading experience, there’s an odd and familiar comfort in holding a book as you read it. I can’t imagine sitting on my couch on a rainy day and reading a device rather than a book, how unromantic, how unsatisfying and how offensive to the author.  I’m sorry but I just don’t get the fad of e-books. I will never, ever catch on to this. The only benefit I see is if someone were a constant traveler and didn’t want to tote around a bunch of books with them all the time. From what I understand you can have many many books on this single device at one time (only advantages to save space and luggage weight). For me, I will always buy books with covers, with pages, with smells and with textures, but that’s just me.


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