Rachel – Day 55

31 Mar

The News: Aha! Daily Chocolate Intake Is Encouraged! Studies performed in Germany have proven that about 1/4 ounce of chocolate per day can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. A study was performed on 20,000 people over an 8 year period with some eating chocolate about once a month and the rest eating more than one chocolate bar a week. The percentages of strokes and heart attacks were 27% and 48% higher in those who only had chocolate once a month. Researchers believe this is linked to the known fact that chocolate reduces blood pressure (especially dark chocolate). “‘The benefits of chocolate come from flavonoids, and those are mainly found in dark chocolate, not Easter eggs, which are usually milk chocolate and have a lot of saturated fat,’ says Julia Zumpano, a registered clinical dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio” (http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/03/30/chocolate.egg.per.day/index.html?npt=NP1).

My Comments: So most of us already knew dark chocolate had it’s health benefits, but did we know it could help prevent heart attacks and strokes? My goodness, I must continue my daily indulgence of this magical sugar luxury, it’s only the responsible thing to do here.  I must admit, I do love milk chocolate over dark chocolate (and yes, I mean it when I use the term “love”).  Loving milk chocolate simply means I must eat more of it in order to get the benefit dark chocolate provides, I’m okay with that. So, all you chocolate lovers out there, indulge away (but stay healthy, too much can have an adverse effect and cause weight gain which increases risks of heart attacks and strokes).


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