Rachel – Day 56

1 Apr

The News: Tweets, Facebook, Texting and Social Networking: A New Threat. Some parents went on a vacation to Paris only to come home to their home trashed to the tune of $45,000 in repairs. They had left their 18 year old son in charge of the house while they were away. Three of the boy’s friends came over to the house and used twitter and facebook to announce a huge party at the boys home. Over 100 people showed up and the wrecking was uncontrollable.

(Good Morning America)

My Comments: All I have to say is be careful and be aware of what is going on with your friends and your children. Apparently this boy was not the one who initiated the party, it was his three friends who controlled it all. I have also heard of rages and large group hang-outs organized via twitter that have turned into violent mobs and fights. This fast and easy way to gather people is being used as a tool to cause harm and destruction to people and property which is frightening. Who knows what this will turn into as kids figure out new things to do in large numbers. Gangs have been known to arrange meetings and attacks this same way as well — scary that our technology is turning on us. Just be mindful of the gadgets that are around, the invitations you may receive and the things your children may get involved with without even knowing the threats.


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