Rachel – Day 58

3 Apr

The News: Hookworm to Cure Many Ailments and Diseases (Order Yours Today). A Man named Jasper Lawrence used to suffer severely from asthma and allergies. He had heard of studies on the hookworm and decided to make himself a human guinea pig. He flew to Africa and walked around barefoot in the latrines of over 75 villages. This may sound a little off-putting to you but just wait ’till I describe the latrines: man made holes in the ground, some with rocks on either side for you to put your feet; most of them have branches, leaves or bags around them for a sliver of privacy; the stench of urine and feces boiling in the hot humid heat of Africa can be detected well before the latrines are in sight; the flies and insects swarming around these latrines are enough to have you concerned about exposing any of your body’s orphus’ for fear of uninvited intrusion.

Anyways, Jasper came back from Africa, rolled down his car window, breathed in deep and enjoyed the outdoors. His allergies were completely cured. Why you ask? HOOKWORM!!!!! He had intentionally given himself hookworm in order to cure his allergies and it worked. Hookworm along with whipworm in the human “ecosystem” (as Jasper refers to it as), work together to eat away bad particles that cause asthma, allergies, Crohns, MS, Type I Diabetes, autism, heart disease and even some forms of depression. Jasper says our ancestors who lived less hygienic lives, carried hookworm and whipworm with them in their bodies and the diseases spoken of were not prevalent.  He also says in third world countries like Africa where cleanliness is nothing to boast about, these diseases are rare because people are living with these worms in their bodies.

This is the most alarming part of it all (in my opinion): Jasper sells these worms extracted out of his own feces. Yes, uhuh, he poops them out, waits for the worms to squiggle away from his feces, collects them and then sanitizes them a few times. Then, he literally fedexes them to your doorstep and you either drink them or rub them on your skin (a moment please, I’m squirming and making icky faces….this is so disgusting).

(National Public Radio) and (www.autoimmunietherapies.com)

My Comments: I had heard of this treatment while I was in Africa. One of our volunteer’s Dads was ordering hookworm and was going to infect himself to see if it would cure one of his ailments (I can’t remember what it was). When I heard of it I was disgusted and thought I would never ever purposefully infect myself with a worm…..ewey, ewey.  However, if I suffered from a serious disease (of which having too sterile of an environment is mostly to blame), I might consider the treatment. On Jasper’s website, it says treatment is anywhere from $2,900 – $3,900 so you might as well just book an international flight, walk around in some latrines and explore a new culture rather than spending all that money for a little worm you could contract yourself.


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