Rachel – Day 59 (Easter!!!)

4 Apr

The News: Healthy Snack For Cinema. Michael Lynton, who heads Sony Pictures, is leading an idea to bring healthy snacks to movie theaters. He wants to follow in the footsteps of President Obama and First Lady Michelle with their ideas to tackle childhood obesity. Michael doesn’t want to eliminate popcorn, chocolate, sodas and sour patch kids, he simply wants to provide more options for movie goers to eat healthy.


My Comments: Yeah!!!!! I am totally on board for this. I’ve gone to the theatre many times wishing for an apple, a bagel, or a V8 fusion to drink. This is such a needed change and I believe it will go over well for those that want to be healthy. I do think, however, that it’s going to be difficult to steer children especially, away from popcorn and candy at the movies – it’s almost part of the outing to eat popcorn and a drink a soda isn’t it? As a kid, I remember always wanting popcorn and Dr. Pepper.

Also, I’ve always wanted theaters to offer coffee. They should have a Starbucks or something connected to them so movie goers can stay awake and stay warm while watching their feature film.

On a side note, check out the new show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” on ABC. This show is about a man who’s wanting to revolutionize the school cafeteria’s in America so kids can eat healthy and make a turn from obesity. Very good and inspiring show!

Another side note: HAPPY EASTER and GO DUKE!!!!


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