Rachel – Day 67

14 Apr

The News: Say No To Tanning Pledge. In Macedonia, Ohio teenagers are signing a pledge NOT to tan for prom season. Teens say they are discovering the detrimental effects of baking in a tanning bed and have opted to either no added color or to use tanning lotions and spray. There’s an actual printed out pledge the high schoolers are signing to keep themselves accountable.


My Comments: I actually laughed out loud when I watched this news excerpt. My mom was in the kitchen while I was watching it and I think her comment sums up my perspective on it all, “Oh please, give me someone with real problems.” We both laughed out loud as we realized how trivial a matter tanning during prom is when people in the real world are suffering with major crisis’, yet CNN news deemed it worthy of national coverage.  I’ll give them props for protecting their skin but come on….a pledge and on CNN headlines?

As a side note, my high school was guilty of over-tanning during prom season. I remember seeing girls that looked like they’d crossed over from caucasian to latino in a matter of a couple of weeks, it was rather unnatural and weird. It was almost like there was an unspoken competition amongst the girls to see who could get the darkest, I think the award went to Beth and Dana, they had surpassed latino-ville and ventured into the tropics of africa-land.  Yes, to kill your curiosity, I fell victim to the tanning bed during prom as well. I, however teetered the line between white-american and latino, still unmistakably, irish me.  I remember the tanning salon we would all go to after school. It was just down the road from the high school and it was called “Alba Sun” (sadly it no longer exists). The woman who owned it, oh what was her name?…. I can’t remember but she must have been somewhere near 80 years old with the leathery brown skin of a 100 year old spanish woman who laid on the beach everyday. She was the sweetest thing since ice cream and made your tanning experience truly spiritual. She refused to put radios in the beds because she wanted you to be able to get away and think, relax or nap. On every small leather headrest placed a gold wrapped Werther’s candy.  The rooms smelled of christmas candles with dim lighting and a nice fan at your feet. It was truly a getaway and truly the best way to tan if you were one to do so. I remember Cory (my BFF), was on a first name basis with this cute old tanning salon owner, if I could only remember her name……oh well. Anyways, that was a long side note, but worthy of notation wouldn’t you agree?

When all is said and done, tanning is the least of teen’s problems once life hits them in the face a few years down the road (i do realize the severity of skin cancer don’t get me wrong, but no harm in tanning if it’s just for a week or two during prom season).


One Response to “Rachel – Day 67”

  1. Rachel April 15, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    OMG!!!! How about teen pregnancy, drug use, abuse, drunk driving, or even slutty prom dresses. Tanning are you freak’n kidding me. Some people need to get a life! Hmmm just had a sudden urge to go tanning myself. I think I shall indulge my whim! 🙂

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