Stephen: Day 77

16 Apr

I decided to cook for myself last night- like actually cook, as if i were cooking for someone else. It was really nice, actually. Here is a brief overview and photo montage of the event:

As every well seasoned cook knows, every meal must begin with a glass of wine. Don’t you know that water boils faster when you’re a little tipsy?

I started out cooking the orzo

Then I sauteed onions and garlic

Cooked hot italian chicken sausage, finished it off by poaching it in beer.

Added the onions to the beer reduction, added two big spoonfuls of mascarpone cheese.

Cut sausage in rounds

Cut flat leaf parsley

Added it all together

Tosed it

Plated it

Dessert was Tate’s whole wheat chocolate chip cookies (which are the best store bought cookies EVER) and vanilla ice cream

I plated it with chocolate mascarpone and drizzled with chocolate.

It was yummy. And I had leftovers for lunch. I like treating myself to nice things sometimes…


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