Rachel – Day 69

17 Apr

The News: Marriage Helps Your Health. A study long ago in 1858 proved that married people were happier and lived longer. More recent studies have proven the same thing along with some other benefits. Married people tend to have less cases of pneumonia, cancer, heart attacks, dementia and have less surgeries overall than do single people.

All of these statistics are assuming that one is in a relatively healthy and functioning marriage. So, it stands to reason that the reverse is true: if your marriage is in discord and a cause of stress for both partners, then the health of the married person is actually worse than if they hadn’t married at all in the first place. In fact, a single person who has never been married will more likely be in better health than someone who has married, been unhappy and then divorced.


My Comments: As if you don’t already have motivation to have a healthy marriage, this should give you even more! Health is so important to all areas of your life. Having a happy marriage is so beneficial to your health, so work harder to let the small things slide and to have more patience with your spouse. There’s a lot to be grateful for and so much to be happy about. A bad marriage can trigger health issues and later on down the road can lead to a death far sooner than expected (then your partner is left with dealing with the grief of losing their spouse and this is one of the most traumatic things an individual can go through). I know I want to be healthy and of course I want a happy marriage, I can have both and they can actually feed off each other 🙂


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