Rachel – Day 70

18 Apr

The News: Man From Poland Ships Himself To Rob Post Offices. Thirty-nine year old, Stanislaw Muchy from Poland shipped himself numerous times to the Post Office. Once there, he would wait until the Post Office closed for the evening, break out of the box and then rob the place of money and various other items. He then would package himself and his loot in a larger box with prepaid postage and ship himself back to his house. The only reason he was finally caught was because his accomplice (who would initially deliver him to the courier) tipped off the police.


My Comments: This is humorous actually. I’m curious how those box handlers didn’t question the box when they picked it up. I feel like I would know something was fishy by the crazy weight distribution of a human in a big box. However, because he got away with it so many times, I must say I’m a little impressed. It must have taken a lot of patience to wait on those trucks for hours upon hours.


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