Rachel – Day 72

20 Apr

The News: President Of The Rockies Found Dead. Keli McGregor was found dead in his Salt Lake City hotel Tuesday morning. The cause of his death is unknown, but there are no signs of foul play and police believe he passed due to natural causes.  McGregor, only 48 years old had been president of the Rockies since October, 2001, though he’d been working for the Rockies since 1993 as senior director and senior vice president. His wife and four children in Golden, Colorado are devastated and shocked at his passing.


My Comments: It seems there have been a lot of deaths recently (at least from what I’ve been hearing about). So many single incident deaths and than thousands of natural disaster deaths, it’s really bringing me down. I have to mention the middle school principal in DC who was shot to death on April 15th. This man, Brian Betts was a local hero in the way he transformed troubled teens into aspiring individuals. He encouraged them and spurred them on much like Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in “Gangsta’s Paradise”. Everyone is mourning the loss of a man who did leaps and bounds for their community. There was no sign of forced entry either, he was presumably killed by someone he let in.  So sobering.


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