Rachel – Day 80

29 Apr

The News: Oklahoma’s New Law On Babies. Oklahoma’s legislature just passed a bill yesterday protecting Doctor’s against being sued if they choose to withhold information about a child’s well-being in the womb.  The idea is to help prevent abortions; if a Doctor doesn’t reveal that a woman’s child has birth defects, then the mother is less likely to abort.


My Comments: While I personally do not agree with aborting babies, I happen to strongly disagree with this bill being passed. Isn’t it a woman’s right to know how her baby is developing in the womb, isn’t this what she is paying for when she goes to the Doctor’s visits every so often during her 9 months of pregnancy? I would think a woman would want to have the knowledge of her babies well-being because then she would be able to focus on protecting that baby and doing all she could to keep it strong (i.e. eating right, exercising, taking supplements….whatever it may be).  This just seems wrong, a Doctor lying to his/her patients about the well-being of their unborn child and it’s legal? How can this be?


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