Gretchen’s Life Day – 83

3 May

How one wakes up in the morning can set the tone for your whole day. Were you jolted awake by a phone call or eased out of your slumber with kisses from your spouse? As I woke up everyone for church yesterday morning I tried to cater to the way they would want to be woken up. Coffee for Samantha and kisses on the forehead, coffee and lots of kisses for Jason. When it came  to Logan I just kissed him from head to toes and told him that I loved him. Ellaray is happy if you seem as excited to see her in the morning as she is to see you. All of this brought back such fond memories of my dad. When I was younger my dad had some unconventional and somewhat jolting ways of waking us up. Sometimes it was loud music and once even pots and pans.  After he realized how badly this prepared us to take on the day ahead he came to my sister, Kelly and I and asked us how we would like to be woken up. I thought to myself why not reach for the moon “breakfast & coffee in bed”! Kelly said “I’ll take the same but hot tea instead”. Not for a second did I think this would ever happen but hopefully I was setting myself up for a good compromise like maybe no more pots and pans. To my utter shock the next morning I was awakened to breakfast and coffee in bed. This continued every school day till I left home. How wonderful it is when we learn how to communicate best with people on their level. Thank you dad for making my mornings so incredibly special!


One Response to “Gretchen’s Life Day – 83”

  1. Dad May 3, 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    Thank you, sweetheart.

    It meant so much to me.

    Sorry about the pots and pans.



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