Stephen: Day 83, 84, 85, 86, and 87

3 May

I’m doing a batch upload ’cause I’m in Africa and the internet is slow and it will just take too long. These are all from right before I left for Congo.

Photo 83:

Nikki was in town before I left. We went out for drinks with my friend Travis and we had a grand ol’ time. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a photo. So, the next day, after nursing a slight hangover, I decided we’d draw our evening and I’d take a picture of it to take it’s place. So here is Nikki’s and My combined art of merriment.

Photo 84:

We went to Mike’s Pasty, and we got a Lobster Tail. It was fantastic. Crispy pastry with a pastry cream unlike anything I’ve ever had. It custardy, and whip-creamy-ee. It’s amazing. Nikki is going for the first bite.

Photo 85:

More eating. We went to my favorite sandwich place by my work for lunch (Oxford Spa Cafe). They have the best roast beef. I’ve blogged about it before. It’s a beautiful sandwich, and the excitement of the first bite was too much to contain.

Photo 86:

I’ve been wanting to take a picture of this wreath for a week now. It’s the building right across from mine. It’s amazing.

Photo 87:

We also went down to the Sam Adams Brewery for a beer tour and tasting. Which was an awesome (free) thing to do in Boston. As we were walking back we saw an abandoned school bus in someone’s yard. I like old beat-up things…


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