Rachel – Day 84

4 May

The News: Man Who Attempted To Bomb Times Square Arrested. Faisal Shahzad was arrested just before midnight on Monday (yesterday). He was on his way to Dubai when authorities arrested him just before he boarded the plane. Shahzad reserved his ticket on the way to Kennedy airport, paid for it in cash and was very close to fleeing the country. Shahzad had just received American citizenship a year ago and had passed all background and criminal checks. He is now being charged with terrorism and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. There are now at least 8 other people who have been arrested because of involvement with the attempted bombing.


My Comments: I’m proud of the way this was handled. I heard the only reason why the vehicle was found before any real damage could be done was because some locals had noticed the suspicious vehicle and called it into the police.  This is how citizens should respond. If you feel something is wrong, then do something about it, don’t just stand around and hope everything is okay, assume someone else will take care of it, or pray. Well, yes, you should pray, but don’t only pray. God carries out his will through people who respond. You can pray, but be ready and willing to respond when God says, “Do something about it.”


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