Rachel – Day 86

7 May

The News: Invasive Body Scanning Is Too Much.  A TSA employee was arrested in Miami for allegedly assaulting a co-worker who had repeatedly teased him about the size of his genitals. Apparently the man just couldn’t take the teasing anymore and unleashed his frustration. The only reason why this co-worker knew about the size of this guy’s genitals was because he had gone through the full body scanner at their airport which revealed far more than most people are comfortable with.  It has become a great concern for the flyers to have to submit to such a body scan because they are in a sense exposing themselves in nudity to the security team. Is this too invasive and has scanning gone too far?


My Comments: Yes, the answer is YES this is too invasive. I sure as heck would have a difficult time walking through a body scanner of which the eyes on the other end could see the details of my genitalia. And what are the employees saying about your naked body after you pass through? Are they harassing you after you’re gone? Oh gosh, this is verging on live pornography in some cases….geeze.  Imagine someone like Pamela Anderson walking through that scanner. Nope, I totally disagree. Airport security needs to find other means of safety and scanning, no need to literally undress people with their eyes.


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