Rachel – Day 87

9 May

The News: Jet-Ski Angel. A woman’s home in Nashville was in the middle of the flood and something had caused the home to light on fire. She was able to use her cell phone to contact police, but police knew they would have a tremendously difficult time getting to her. They told her not to go into the water because of the undertow but if she were to stay in the house, then be prepared for an explosion because once the fire hit her cars, it would be very dangerous.

Just then, a man came over to her on a jet-ski. He picked her and her dog up and just as they were racing off (much like the scene of a hollywood film), her home exploded and she lost everything.


My Comments: I love angel stories like this. Even though this woman lost everything, she still has her life and her dog after all of it. There is so much to be thankful for in life when we feel like we don’t have anything. Our very breath is enough to smile all day about. Thank you God for my life and for the countless blessings you give everyday of which I may not even be aware of. I’m smiling now.


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