Rachel – Day 90

12 May

The News: 8 Year-Old Sole Survivor In Plane Crash. 104 people were on board a flight from Libya to Tripoli when it crashed for unknown reasons in Libya. 103 people died and a 10-year old Dutch boy survived. The plane was only a year old and no bad weather was a factor in the crash. The possibility of the Icelandic eruptions playing a part in the crash is being investigated.


My Comments: How does one small, weak body survive a high-impact plane crash like this? Why was he the only survivor? What will his life be like from here on out because of this survival story? Miracles like this are so puzzling and I believe there is purpose in this boy’s survival. I’d love to see and/or hear what his life is like 20 years from now.

And of course, my heart is breaking for the families of all those who died in the crash. May God be near.


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