Rachel – Day 95

18 May

The News(ish): CNN Star Wars Quiz. Go to the link below and take this Star Wars Quiz. CNN lets you choose your quizshow host and then challenges you to questions about the trilogies.


My Comments: I sucked this one up so bad. I scored 320 which is a really really bad score. I think I got like 3 out of 20 questions right and this is just sad. I grew up in a home that was well versed in Star Wars and a twin who breathed the trilogy for years. I should have known more, I haven’t seen the movies in a really long time and I admit I only joined Stephen in his viewings maybe once so I’m a little foggy on specifics. I challenge you to beat my score! Stephen, you can have Anderson Cooper host your show and then you can beat my socks off which shouldn’t be too difficult to do.


One Response to “Rachel – Day 95”

  1. Stephen May 19, 2010 at 7:03 am #

    I got an 1192… I missed 6 questions… I’m a bad Star Wars fanatic these days…

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