Stephen: Day 105

18 May

I’m going to steal my twin’s blog idea for the day, as well as post one of my photos. This article was just too important for me not to post.

The News (click here for the article): “I chose to be raped.” The opening lines of this article chill you right to the bone. When a woman in Eastern Congo was given the choice by rebel armies to become a soldier’s wife and have her husband murdered, or subject to being raped, she chose to be raped to save her husband. Out of shame, guilt, and social stigmatization, her husband won’t look at her. Her story is like countless others…

Comments: They say Congo is the rape capital of the world, and the stories in this article support that. As I shot this picture today, I was thinking about this woman’s story. So many women here have a similar story of rape and abuse — demoralization is the weapon of choice for most military groups here in the Congo — using sex and violence to exert their power and break a nation into tiny fragments of hopelessness. I can’t imagine what these women go through. How they endure, and yet are left with the burden of other’s sins — against a nation and its people. My heart wonders if the cycle of abuse and pain will ever end for this country. I pray for justice for these women…


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