Rachel – Day 101

30 May

The News: Agatha Responsible For A Dozen+ Deaths. Yesterday evening, tropical storm, Agatha hit hard as the torrential downpours created landslides and flooding in many areas of Guatemala, southeast Mexico and El Salvador.  At least 111 people are missing and at least 12 people have died due to Agatha. Unfortunately, Guatemala was already undergoing a natural disaster with the eruption of a volcano called, Pacaya this past Thursday.


My Comments: More natural disasters, we’re hearing about this stuff on a weekly, almost daily basis now. What is happening to this world? Have disasters always been this frequent or does it just seem that way to me because I’m reading the news everyday now? Geeze, it’s so sad and overwhelming. God be with these people, show your mercy and shower your blessings – the need is so great.


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