Rachel – Day 103

1 Jun

The News: Happiness May Come With Age. There are studies being done now that link happiness to age. As you hit 50 and higher, you become more satisfied and happy with your life. Researchers are still trying to figure out what goes into all of this and what factors may contribute (i.e. marriage, grandchildren…etc).


My Comments: I’m sorry to tag those hours of research as wasted time and money, but I believe these researchers need to take their heads out of the polls and science and remember good ‘ol logic. I know we all know those old peeps who are bitter and angry at the world but, generally speaking, I have a very nice and humble view of the elderly whenever I envision them. They are generally a lot more patient, joyful, peaceful and happy right? I can tell you why without spending all the time and money on research. Old people have much more life experience…..SURPRISE!  Doesn’t it stand to reason that when you have been through some of life’s most challenging moments, the normal ones are all the more precious? Doesn’t it make sense that when you’ve been to more funerals than most of the people you know, you’re probably going to appreciate your life have even more? And isn’t logical that you would have more patience because you don’t want to rush through the days you have left? I think elderly people have a wiser and fuller perspective of life and their days here on earth than do the busy-bodies who have little life experience to shape them. That’s what I think. I’d like my 1/4 million from whomever granted the research for this study please 🙂


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