Rachel – Day 104

2 Jun

The News: Most Amazing Treehouses EVER! Please click on the below link and use the arrow button to the right of the photos to scroll through some of the most amazing treehouses ever built!


My Comments: I blogged about this today because my family grew up loving Swiss Family Robinson (a fantastic, fun-filled and creative movie if you haven’t seen it). We went to Disneyland a lot where there was a real life version of the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse where we would play and pretend.

Growing up I loved building forts and treehouses. Forts were a lot easier and temporary but I do remember my brother and my parents helping me build a treehouse in an avocado tree we had in our backyard in California. I freakin’ loved that treehouse, I could make-believe all day long in that thing. The treehouse sat to the right of a small guesthouse(ish) building we had where my neighbor, Kari and I would make-believe we owned a diner named, Ruby’s. This was an actual diner in California set to the tune of a real 50’s diner with classic burgers, shakes, fries…etc. We had all the fake food from fisher price and then whenever we actually ate at Ruby’s, we would ask them for old menus, old cups and things of that nature so we could build our very own diner. We had so much fun pretending to be waitresses. A couple of times we invited the neighbors over and my parents would help me cook for everyone. I remember getting tipped like a real waitress (little did I know I would later go on to 6 years of waitressing in the real world…..not as much fun when you have to be there and your rent is hanging over your head). Sigh, the good ‘ol days of make-believe! I’m kinda wishing I was a lost boy in Peter Pan right now, a kid forever!


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