Gretchen’s Life Day – 102

3 Jun

Be prepared to be in awe of my brilliance. You may only come across someone as brilliant as me once in a lifetime. So, I purchased a box of wine. Yes, a box. I am not ashamed. Try as I might I could not get it open with my fingers. That is where my massive brain had this brilliant idea. I’ll use a steak knife. For those sophisticated folks out there that only drink from the bottle when you get wine in a box the wine is actually stored in a plastic bag inside the box. A nagging voice in the back of my head kept telling me this was a bad idea (I told her to shut-up!). I proceeded to take that steak knife and not only open the box but slice the bag open, too. Beautiful red wine gushing everywhere. I told you I was a smart one. 🙂


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