Rachel – Day 107

8 Jun

The News: Beware My Friends Who Have Traveled Africa. Israel Orellana came home from a mission trip to Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa with a crazy discomfort in his eyeball. He finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with worms – his eyeball had a worm inside of it -ewey.

Apparently he had been bitten by a deer fly that had laid larvae in his bloodstream that matured to worms once inside his body. The worms crawled through his skin and one made it into his eyball. The worm was traveling through his body for almost two years before Israel started noticing it’s effects.

According to the CDC, about 13 million people are diagnosed with this worm in West and Central Africa and about 10 cases a year show up in the United States.


My Comments: Ewey, ewey, ewey – I’m itching all over just thinking writing about this. Oh gosh, please my sweet Africa-visiting friends, wear your 100% deet and bug repellent. This grosses me out way too much. Get a thorough physical before you leave Africa and again when you come to the States just to be sure.


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