Rachel – Day 109

10 Jun

The News: 2 Norweigen Men Sentenced To Death In The Dominican Republic of Congo. Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland were motorbiking from Uganda to the DR Congo. When their bike broke down, they hired a driver, Abedi Kasongo in attempts to go back to Uganda. They claim they were ambushed by a group of men in the jungle and the Kasongo was murdered. However, the DRC government is charging both men for the murder Kasongo.


My Comments: Oh this is tragic. I’m sad for Kasongo’s family because either way, this is a horrible thing that happened. It’s difficult to know who to believe in this situation because French and Moland may very well be rotten men who killed this man, but then you think, why would they have done this? They hired him for a ride, there’s really no motive here. Also, after living in Uganda for a total of 8 months, I certainly know that if the locals believe you are guilty of something, then you better watch out because they are going to come down hard on you and probably demand more out of you than a native guilty of the same thing.

If they if these two men are really innocent, I truly hope they can be rescued from this death sentence.


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