Gretchen’s Life Day – 113

18 Jun

I was reading the book of Matthew today. I was reading the part where Joseph is asked to take Mary as his wife even though she was pregnant and obviously not by him. That is asking a man to have a lot of faith that his women wasn’t sleeping around but still a virgin. I can’t say I know of any men now days that would go for that. There was a suprising part that I guess over the years I had missed. Joseph was told not to have sex with Mary while she was pregnant but to wait till after the birth of Jesus. After reading about all that Joseph was asked to do and willing did I have to say that he does not get nearly enough recognition. What an amazing man.


One Response to “Gretchen’s Life Day – 113”

  1. Rachel June 19, 2010 at 9:09 am #

    very insightful.

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