Rachel – Day 116

18 Jun

The News: Oil Spills In Nigeria of Even More Massive Proportions Than The Gulf. The oil spill in the Gulf has received a crazy amount of media coverage since it occurred 8 weeks ago. What about the spills in Nigeria that have ruined the Niger Delta? There have now been 2.5 million gallons of oil spilled in the Gulf which pales in comparison to the 546 million gallons that have spilled in the Niger Delta over the last 50 years. Thus, the people in Nigeria are sympathetic, but have a bit of confusion as to why the Gulf spill is an “International Emergency” but their spill of much higher proportions hasn’t received a second glance.


My Comments: Are you surprised by this anymore? You shouldn’t be. Things are so much worse in Africa and other third world countries but because they don’t have the media coverage and the capabilities to alert the rest of the world, their cries are not heard farther than their own borders. Would the spilling in Nigeria have been as big of a deal as the spilling in the Gulf if it had the same coverage? Probably not huh? We wouldn’t be as concerned because it wouldn’t be directly affecting us, or at least not as immediately as the Gulf spill has. Life is not fair. Be thankful for the country you were born because you could be in a place where help is far and cries fall on helpless or deaf ears.


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